Solar energy for Arizona.
Solar is an important part of Arizona’s energy mix. Find out how Arizona utilities are putting solar to work around the state and how residents and business owners can make the most of our abundant sunshine.

Arizona Goes Solar

Arizona Goes Solar is a collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission and implemented by the regulated electric utilities in Arizona. This website is designed to provide residential and business customers with a single source of solar energy options, incentives, and installation data. The program was created to provide consumers information regarding:

•  Arizona solar installation data

•  The availability of residential and commercial solar incentives

•  The Arizona Renewable Energy Standard

•  Arizona Corporation Commission workshops and other related events on renewable energy

Installation Data & Utilities Information

The Arizona Goes Solar website also provides a bi-weekly update on residential and commercial solar installations. This information is provided to help increase transparency of the solar incentive reservation process and provide customers and installers with greater information regarding system reservations and installations.

A list of participating utility companies in the Arizona Goes Solar website initiative. 

Standard & Tariff

Regulated electric utilities must generate 15% of energy from renewable resources by 2025.

State Incentives

An informative database of policies and incentives available in your state.