About Arizona Goes Solar

Arizona Goes Solar is a collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission and implemented by the regulated electric utilities in Arizona. This website is designed to provide residential and business customers with a single source of information regarding solar energy options and incentives. The program was created to provide consumers information regarding:

  • The availability of residential and commercial solar incentives
  • The Arizona Renewable Energy Standard
  • Arizona Corporation Commission workshops and other related events on renewable energy
  • Each utility's progress toward meeting the RES’ Distributed Energy Requirement
  • An overview of solar installations by zip code


Residential and Non Residential Installations

The Arizona Goes Solar website also provides a bi-weekly update on residential and commercial solar installations. This information is provided to help increase transparency of the solar incentive reservation process, provide customers and installers with greater information regarding system reservations and installations. This information includes:

  • Zip code of installation (Helps customers locate who has already installed a system in their area.)
  • Technology (Identifies the type of system was installed.)
  • System Size –Capacity (Represents the maximum system capability (kW).)
  • System Size – Annual Average Energy Generation (Average amount of energy that is created by the system over a year (kWh).)
  • Current Application Status (Represents which stage a customer is in regarding their incentive process; 1 – Applied, 2- Reserved, 3 – Installed.)
  • Application Date (Date the utility company receives the customer's application for incentive.)
  • Reservation Date (Date a customer was notified that they will receive incentive funds.)
  • Installation Date (Date the system was commissioned.)
  • Total Cost of System (Total cost as reflected in customer documentation. Cost may be updated as customer moves through process.)
  • Incentive Paid (Total amount of incentive provided by the utility to the customer.)
  • Name of the Company Installling the System


Participating Utility Companies

Participating utilities in the Arizona Goes Solar website include: